When we started operations in November 2015, we offered a wide array of premium American Style fast food and Nigeria’s first 24-Hour drive-thru service.

We are proud to say that we are expanding our menu even further by offering pizza!

In the RoadChef tradition, we are making use of only the finest ingredients to create fresh, hand-made pizzas of exceptional taste and quality. Our pizzas are made from scratch and with the best quality ingredients you can find. From fresh baked dough to choice vegetables from the best local farms and premium toppings.

The different pizzas include the 4 seasons, Chicken Suya, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Margarita, Mexican, Bacon & Banana, and Bacon & Mushroom.

Because getting together over good food will make you feel better, come grab one of RoadChef’s fabulous pizzas and dig in with your fam and crew!

The making of these beauties is explained in the ‘how it’s made’ above.

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