Going Vegan

Going vegan

Making a life-changing decision is never easy, no matter what it is. As for going vegan, no matter the reason— whether it’s for health, environmental, ethical, or personal reasons — making the change can be quite challenging.

For everyone who has ever wondered how vegans do it, here are 10 tips to take into consideration before you begin the journey.

  1. Start with an open mind – If you think that going vegan is going to be a punishment or that you won’t last, then it will be, and you won’t.
  2. Probably don’t go vegan overnight- Recent research indicates that the more gradually people transition to veganism, the more likely they are to stick to it.
  3. Alternate big changes with smaller ones – Some small changes include:
  • * Choosing one meal where you’ll experiment with vegan ingredients
  • * Ordering the vegan or vegetarian option at a restaurant
  • * Avoiding convenience foods
  1. Know that going vegan doesn’t mean you will automagically lose weight – Losing weight depends on what else about your diet is changing when you go vegan. Focus on vegetables, beans, nuts and fruits.

Eat a lot more beans- Going vegan takes away all the protein you are used to like Eggs, meat and milk. Beans are an inexpensive form of protein that you can buy in bulk so they’re a great staple of a plant-based diet.

Going vegan

Locate the vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants near where you live, work, and travel – Going out to eat shouldn’t end because you are turning vegan. What you need to do is find some vegan restaurants nearby

So you messed up. Don’t sweat it – Again, the key to being a successful vegan is to live the lifestyle as much as is reasonably possible. Don’t beat yourself up for making a few mistakes once in a while.

Stay Strong - The first few days might be tough, but once you get into the swing of things, it becomes easier and easier to cope.

Take Vitamin B-12 Supplements – The only place you can get Vitamin B-12 naturally is in animal foods. Though you can get some B12 in fortified foods like plant milks and veggie meats, to get as much as you need, a supplement is essential.

Finally, be resourceful! – Read up on various people who went vegan. Find out new recipes online. Learn how to tweak your diet. Everything you need to know can be found on the internet!

Going vegan

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Going vegan

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