At RoadChef, we say “There’s a winner in everyone”. We believe people can be truly successful, if you give them a reason to succeed.

We do not just train employees; we build a family in the workplace.

All the policies and procedures we have are tied to the twin principles of the highest quality service and the utmost respect for the individual. RoadChef staff range from people too young to stay the night out to older citizens receiving a pension. We have holders of multiple degrees in varying disciplines to those making their way through night school.

They all share one thing in common, the will & ability to WIN.

RoadChef actively seeks people with fine competence & the deep desire to grow as individuals within a first-rate corporate organization. With a plethora of value-adding trainings & work experiences, we take pride in building the people on whose labour the company is built.

Every team member, from their first day on the job, knows that he/she has a fair & equal opportunity. They also have a visible & attainable career path to one day become the Restaurant Manager or even, General Manager of the company, if they are prepared to work hard & develop the skills & competences required for the job. RoadChef also pays serious attention to the welfare of its staff. The company frequently gives health checks & financial advice to all staff to ascertain that everyone is doing great & in the right frame of mind. And this is because like all good families, we look after our own.

If you would like to be part of our family, we have just one question, “Are you ready to win?”
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